Consulting and Advocacy For Final Stages

  1. Physical
    How can you be supported physically in your final stages?
  2. Emotional
    How do you cultivate wisdom in your solitude and relationships?
  3. Spiritual
    What gives meaning and purpose to your life and death?
  4. Legacy
    What Do you want to leave behind? How do you want to pass it on?

We can share with our families and in our communities through our final stages.
We can investigate and deepen our relationship with ourselves and others..
We can prepare to relax into the natural process of our dying  
We can be in an environment of beauty and comfort. 
We can steward our possessions in a way that matters.
We can access places in us that have brought us peace and fulfillment
We can leave a legacy in our rites of passage that will serve those who say goodbye.

Consulting and Advocacy

An integrative approach to honoring our end of life 

Helping individuals, families and communiti​​​​​​​es get support for conscious and rewarding final stages. 

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