Oakmont Sunday Symposium Presentation
What Will You Do With The Rest Of Your Life?

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020
10:30-12:00 AM

​The Oakmont Sunday Symposium is meets at the Berger Auditorium in Oakmont. The address of the Berger building is 6633 Oakmont Drive. Turn right onto Oakmont Drive at the stoplight at Highway 12

How Does The Awareness Of Our Endings Effect Our Beginning? 
A Values Centered Approach To Life Transitions

Values- A Values Based Foundation For Social Infrastructures 
Advocacy- Relationships Of Mutual Support Through Life Transitions
Legacy- Constructing A Path Of Sustainability and Balance  
Unity-  Having Conversations, Building Community and Transforming Cultures
Ecology-  Bring Conscious Awareness To The Ecological Consequences Of Our Choices
Stewardship- The New Era Of Environmental and Social Responsibility