Thank you, Tess, for teaching me how to live my file in a way that prepares me for its inevitable end.  I’ve attended your Death Cafes, Talking about Death meetings, and seminars and retreats for more than four years.  I come back because you are a remarkable teacher.  You are an inspirational speaker, are deeply empathetic, and have a relevant view of how the kind of life we lead informs how our last years, months and days will unfold.  I learned from you the importance of planning for it.  I filled out the forms, did my will, identified the family members and friends whom I felt would be willing to care for me in the last days, spoke to them about their willingness and my wishes for how my last days would be.  Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with brain cancer in a form that’s incurable.  I’m facing death myself now in a very real way.  And I find thankfully that I’m ready for it.  Not wanting it but accepting of the reality and inevitability of it.  I’m grateful to you, Tess for helping me and teaching me how to make myself ready. I have had he happy experience of urging friends to come with me to your meetings and having them tell me later that they found the experience worthwhile, informative and deeply helpful.  Thank you, Tess, for the work you do, and for the many ways you’ve helped me get to where I am.   Keep up the good work!

Jon Allen President Resident Councel Fountaingrove Lodge

Tess draws on an inner source that comes from her experience and her intuitive recognition of others.  She helps people access and exchange the vital connections that are so real and full of possibility for our culture. She is talented and masterful in her work, making the unfamiliar more familiar. Her trainings come from a breadth and a depth of experience.  She does not impose on others but rather brings them forward with the work. 

Ruth Donleavy
Social Worker/ Mother

Tess’ seminars are fun and interactive, answering many questions I had regarding
how we might be able to stay at home during life’s final stages rather than ending up in
a nursing home or hospital. Her take on stewardship is insightful and left me with a feeling
of hope that we as a community can develop intergenerational support in these stages,
helping secure a positive and lasting legacy, something I care deeply about.

Bobi Lore
Musician/ Resort Manager

 I am one of the participants in the Awakening to Death series.  I’ve been a trainer throughout my career and want to testify that this arena and specifically this material and trainer are most powerful.  I encourage you to spend some brainstorming time with Tess Lorraine as you chart your course for 2019.

Tricia Ohara

I so appreciated your passion, energy and creative ideas around the topic of death and dying that faces us all. I would love to participate in another group you facilitate either here in Oakmont or any place in the area.

Lee Reich