Investigate, Design, Implement, Endings
A Comprehensive Approach To Preparing For Our Last Stages
Four Series/ Four Workshops Each  

A workshop  series for people of all ages and stages, who want to empower thier last chapter
and who want to provide care to others with knowledge and compassion.  

Four Week Workshop
Foundation One- Investigate

What Are The Influences and Values That Shape Your Life?

Next Series Starts Friday, January 17th, 2020
One workshop monthly 
Third Friday of the month 12:15-1:45

Burbank Heights and Orchards
7777 Bodega Ave.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

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 Your Choices​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Interactive and mulit-media workshops on what impacts  our choices.

  • Session One:

  • Personal and Cultural Perceptions of Death and Dying

  • Session Two 

  • Grief, Loss and Letting Go  

  • Session Three

  • Relevance and Purpose in End Stages 

  • Session Four 

  • Giving and Receiving Support
  • in Relationships

A death denying norm is reinforced by an age denying culture, as well as a perception of dis-ease as a battle.  How do we prepare for a stage  that is hugely transformative and includes multiple levels of loss and change? lHow can we gather our relationships, accomplishments and connections in a way that is meaningful and leaves a positive legacy?  

Transition can be a time when slowing down enriches our life with greater insights and presence.  Our sense of  identity and purpose can evolve.  The way we choose to spend our time can reflect our values more consciously.  Every day we carve the way in setting the ground to die with peace and completion.  This workshop is instrumental to exploring what is possible on the path towards our final chapter. 
How do live your life in a meaningful way?  How will you die?

Four Week Workshop 

Foundation Two- Design The Map

Getting Your Affairs in Order

​Setting the Groundwork

A creative and engaging approach
to designing our advanced directives and getting our affairs in order.

  • Session One

  •  Advocacy and Agency

  • Exploring Agreements, Expectations and Entitlements in End Stage

  • Session Two  

  • Advance Medical  Directives:
  • What Are The Medical Directives to bee completed for Decision Makers

  • Session Three
  • Important Personal Paperwork in Order

  • Session Four 

  • What is Unfinished In Preparation for End of Life?


With the complexities of medical interventions,  longer life spans, and potential loss of personal agency, our wishes are more complex than whether or not to "Pull the plug"  In a culture of self sufficiency, we don't know how to easily function within dependencies.  Medical advocacy may be the most important request we ever ask of others, including medical professionals. 

As we consider an end of life plan that expands beyond medical directives it's helptul to explore the breadth and depth of our wishes.  This workshop series is a highly interactive,  multi-media approach to having a clear understanding of our choices and getting affairs in order that could otherwise create chaos and conflict during crucial decision making moments which could continue after our passing. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
What Do You Have In Order For Your  Loved Ones, Caregivers and Professionals?  

Four Week Workshop Series
Foundation Three- Implement

Developing A Functional Plan 


A Dying Legacy
The pathway to implement our wishes  

  • Session One

  • Stewardship-  How Can I Share My Belongings and Finish Business Before I Die?

  • Session Two

  • Medical Options- What is the difference between, Curative, Palliative and Hospice Care? ​

  • Session Three

  • ​End of Life Options Act-  What does it mean? What are the Qualifications and Protocols?  

  • Session Four

  • Legacy- What Kind Of  Rituals, Burials and Ceremonies Are Available Surrounding My Death .
 We can be empowered at the end of our lives to release and graciously offer what we have accumulated, not only in regard to our material possessions, but also in making choices that reflect our wisdom.  These choices are both complex and consequential not only in the quality of our lives but in the impact we have on those we care about.  

Medical interventions are encouraged during illness and it's difficult to know when it's time to turn our attention towards completion.  This series provides invaluable information from experts in the field on how to get support that is available in a time where both you and your loved ones need it the most.  
How are you going to make your choices?

Four Week Workshop Series
 Foundation Four- Endings​​

Beyond Advanced Directives

​Empowering Our Final Stage


  •   Organizing A Care Team

  • Creating a team approach for honoring physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

  •  What Is A Death Doula or Midwife?

  • The new movement of professional support to provide sacred space and assistance for final transitions

  • Communication and Community 

  • Opening up communication to the circles of your community from the center out.

  • Celebrants 

  • A integrative honoring of our end of life passages

Once we know that we are in our final chapter we can begin to cultivate an environment that honors the sacred ground of our passing.  It includes organized support from our social networks, communicating affectively with our broader communities and creating a structure that that can be wholistic and beauty filled.  

Traditions, rituals,  meaningful environments and well thought out agreements can make the difference between a chaotic and potentially traumatic dying legacy and one that brings joy, hope and deeper connection to life for those who hold us. 
What Will Be Your Dying Legacy?